This is for Posterity…not a Pulitzer

This isn’t going to look like my professional blog or my witty Facebook page. I’ve challenged myself to post here daily and I’ve given myself permission to document my choice to evaluate food, weight, exercise, and self esteem. I will record the inspirational as well as shameful moments. I’ll write things no one will stumble upon and things strangers will read unbeknownst to me. This will be like a collection of post-cards sent from my Weight Watchers journey. Here we go.

Don’t Forget To Chew: Confessions and accidental lessons from my adventure.
Wish you were here.

WWDay: 3
Pounds: 206.6 (Weigh in 01.23.2012)
Thoughts: I can’t believe I said no to butter so that I’d have the points to spend on bread.